I love the outdoors! I not only work in the salon but also wear the hat of medical leader in the summer with the government during fire season. I consider it a paid vacation! Camping. Fishing & riding motorcycles are my cup of tea!
I Can't stand Coconut!!!

I consider myself a very creative person. My mind runs crazy many nights- resulting in sleepless nights. I love doing hair color, earlier in my career I taught color classes for Redken. I went to other salons & schools & educated them in new techniques & the product line. All of my life experiences in the past 60+ years has added to my love of my career.

I am a single hip mother-grandma of 2 grown daughters, one which I work with ;) & 5 grandchildren. I came from a family of 6 & have lived in the Eastern Oregon area most of my adult life.

I enjoy people & making them feel good about themselves. I am proud to be in the business I am- it has been a very rewarding career over the past 40 years.