I love Red Wine, Chocolate & EVERYTHING about Aveda! The products- the way they are made & the great Misisons they support!  I have used the products since I was 15 when my mom carried it in her salon & it was Indra. My face always has the DP dual performace powder & Bronzer on it! LOVE IT!  I love Pink & Sparkles! They make everything Pretty! *:)  Do Not mind confessing that I Have a Crazy Obsession with Shoes!!! "They always fit no matter what the scale says."

I have several favorite quotes; depending on my mood  "Never lose your Sparkle"   "live laugh love"  "smile it approves your appearance" and many from one of my favorite movies Eat Pray Love "Attraversiamo" meaning "lets cross over"

I have grown up in and around the industry; my mother has been a hairdresser/owner for over 40 years. I look forward to seeing my clients & making them feel better. when you look good you feel good! and thats my job-to make them look good!

I am a single mother of a beautiful daughter & a handsome Snephew (son-nephew) have a cat (marie claire) and are silly dog (bella-bean) & a large exteneded family of great friends!

I welcome you to come into my Salon & enjoy the comfort of the remodeled 18th century home & meet the wonderful Diva's.  I love new guests & look forward to visiting with you. giving you a new look & a making you a permanent guest at a A-Diva